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Some Comp-XM simulations progress on a set schedule. Almost all questions require the Comp-XM Inquirer. Links to the Inquirer are available from the Board Query area. The results better understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Performance measures including the components of each 2. The Comp-XM sensor industry has four competitors. Once they have finalized their decisions using the Com-XM Spreadsheet and have answered all of the round's Board Queries in the website's Board Query area, participants click the Advance button to proceed to the next round.

Instructors who prefer to schedule rounds will enter round start and stop times for all four rounds and a final deadline for answering the final set of Comp xm board Queries. Clear and comprehensive reports Data ranging from individual performance evaluations to course-based assurance of learning outcomes are presented in easy-to-understand reports.

Self-Paced exams only require a Round 1 start time and a Final deadline.

7 Comp-XM - 4 The Comp-XM Participant Environment

All participants registered in those sections will be assigned to the exam. If instructors undo a round for a participant, that participant will not receive a percentile rank in the 7. If the exam is Pending, clicking the Scorecard cell in each row allows instructors to customize the Scorecard for that round.

This is all about the application of your knowledge. That process ensures the topics covered in the simulation closely relate to contemporary curricula used by business schools around the world.

Completed An exam that is finished.

7 Comp-XM - 2 Exams and 3 Exam Dashboard

However, if the Balanced Scorecard is customized or if the Board Queries are customized by adding more than five questions or deleting more than five questions from the standard exam, comparative data will not be available. CSV files are a great way to archive results.

Meet the Challenges of Assessment and Assurance of Learning Comp-XM assesses students by measuring their capacity to apply what they have learned in their coursework. Participants can be compared against: The page includes a link to a sample of the Comp-XM participant environment, including Board Queries see 7.

Add 1 product round 1, then 1 round 2 then 1 round 3 3. The Exam Dashboard is a central area from which instructors access the tools needed to administer and review the Comp-XM exam.

Instructors can return participants to a previous round via the 7. Comparative Scores Comp-XM Comparative Scores include a graphic display of each participants' percentiles based upon the performance of comparable groups for example, other undergraduates.

Using an extensive bank of equivalent questions, every exam is unique because each question is randomized. Add new product in Budget - Option 3. Schedules for Active Exams can be adjusted.

Selecting All displays every participant. Most Comp-XM simulations are set for self- paced.In the standard Comp-XM setup, each round you will also answer the Board Queries posed by the board of directors.

At the end of the simulation, you will answer a fi fth set of Board Queries, but no • Thrift • Core • Nano • Elite.

7 Comp-XM - 2 Exams and 3 Exam Dashboard

Comp-XM / Board Query. Choose the statement that is true in the year - The European Performance segment will demand 2, units - The European Budget segment will demand 5, units-The Asia Pacific Performance segment will demand 2, units.

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I’ve noticed blogs and youtube videos describing strategies on how to win this simulation, but the results usually aren’t that high; just high enough to beat their class. Comp-XM® business unit and its tactical execution.

At the beginning of every year, the board of directors will ask you to respond to a set of questions about your situation.

Comp xm board
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